Our Company
El BOSHCO is a fresh fruits & vegetables supply company . We
located in Alexandria north of EGYPT . Our business is oriented in
export Vegetables .We currently offer more than 50 kinds of
vegetables & fruits in best quality and price.
Our products come from great environment The reason for that is
because we have often sunny days(even in winter) and not polluted
soil and water. These conditions make our region perfect for  food

We've been in business for over 40 years.
Our goal
Our goal to find buyers through Europe to Provide them  with the best  offers
in quality and prices.
Nature of our Business
-  Supply vegetables in best quality and condition for buyers
-  We can supply any kinds of vegetables & fruits to any place of the world
- Co-operate with farmers to develop their ability to produce good crops.

                               Hany El Boshy