Sweet Potatoes
Variety of Sweet Potatoes
1.Alex  (Red skin and Orange flesh)
2.Carolina Ruby( Dark rosy skin with deep orange flesh)
3.Beauregards (Orange skin with orange flesh)
4.Bushbock (Dark rosy skin with white flesh)
5.Alex WHite (normal white flesh)

Package: 6 KGS , 8 KGS ,10 KGS , 18 KGS , Bins 600 KGS

Pesticide :
The Sweet Potato is 99% Organic, because it does not take any Pesticide. The only insecticide we use for the leeks. This
insecticide does not effect human health, plus the sweet potato would be under the soil; that’s mean full protected.
You can see the
analysis for the test certificate.

Certification: We have ISO 9001-2000 and  Europe Global GAP

We trying to do our best to make the shipment fit the standard of Europe quality .
So we pay more attention for Cleaning, Treating and packing the crops.
Our packing materials do not constitute a food safety risk.

                                                                                                        Arkan . A
White Flesh